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About us


Cutting edge designs by designer Sevasti Kourtoglou. She is the name behind these 5 brands-seva unusual casual luxury, spicy, secret code, seva innovative jewellery, seva a la mer.

Born in thessaloniki her personnality is a mixture of greek, turkish and french culture. After studying french literature at the same time as fashion design, she made her entrance in the fashion bussiness through collaborations with various designers and brands around the world.

This experience,her love for creation and mostly the gene of sewing inherited from her mothers family-all her five uncles were tailors-led Sevasti to create all these 5 brands and every year expand her business in fashion.

Seva's philosophy is based upon her love for unusual clothes, in her research for contemporary elegance, aims to create a new sense of sexiness and ellegance in her designs. For her, fashion is a dream come true and at the same time a way to express her feelings.

A modernist approach to design-pleats,a lot of layers of fabric, stripes, monochromatic tones, deconstructed lines,minimal silhouettes, handcrafted details-everything has a uniqueness and individuality.

SEVA is an experimental fashion label fusing conceptual thinking on garment with high-end craft.

Women, who like comfort, unaffectedness and simple but not obvious solutions appreciate qualities and charm of Seva's clothes.


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